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Alcohol License Procedure

In order to sell or distribute alcohol in the City of Eatonton, you must have a local alcohol license and a state alcohol license. The State of Georgia requires you obtain the local license first.
Download and Fill in Form E3, Alcohol License Application. If your business is applying as a Partnership, LLC, or Corporation, you will also need to fill in Form E3A, Alcohol Additional Personnel form.
Download and Fill in Form E2 (you may have filled this is in as part of applying for an Occupation Tax Certificate).
Submit a Cashiers Check or Money Order for $300.00 payable to the City of Eatonton.
*This is non-refundable. It pays for the city to perform background checks and advertising.*
STEP 3 Deliver the application and certified check to City Hall and ask when it will be heard at City Council. It is advised you attend when city council vote to approve/reject your application.
The City advertises the application in the local paper and asks the Police Department to perform a background check. If no adverse information is discovered, City Council vote to approve the application.
*You are strongly advised to read the local and state distance restrictions before you apply as your $300.00 WILL NOT be returned if a problem is found.*
If the City Council approve your application, you will need to take the full license fee to City Hall. See Alcohol License Fees for correct amount. When your application has been approved by the City of Eatonton, you can apply for a State License.
Apply for a State Alcohol License.
Go to dor.state.gov.to for instructions and forms.
  • This first web site will direct you to The Georgia Tax Center (gtc.ga.gov) to submit your forms.
For additional information about how to navigate these sites, see State License help.