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Mainstreet Logo-1 copy.2 700In 1977, The National Main Street Program was formed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation in order to address the decline of downtowns, and resulting loss of many historic commercial buildings, across the United States.  This program was designed to encourage revitalization of communities with populations between 5,000 and 50,000.

In 1980, the state of Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA), Office of Downtown Development (ODD),  became a pilot state coordinating program for Main Street implementation. Georgia Main Streets represent some of the strongest central business districts in the state and in the Southeast. Since it started, the designated community programs have been instrumental in leading the state in historic preservation, small business development, expansion of the state’s employment base, leveraging private investment, increasing tourism and providing a positive road map for public-private partnerships. Main Street is a signature program for community development and revitalization in Georgia’s historic downtowns.

Main Streets are the traditional center for social, cultural, and economic activity for their communities. They are the big stage, the core of the community. Our Main Streets tell us who we are and who we were, and how the past has shaped us. We do not go to bland suburbs or enclosed shopping malls to learn about our past, explore our culture, or discover our identity. Our Main Streets are the places of shared memory where the entire community still comes together to live, work, and play.

So what is Main Street?  The phrase has been used to describe everything from our nostalgic past to our current economic woes, but when we talk about Main Street®, we are thinking of real places doing real work to revitalize their communities and preserve their character. Specifically, Main Street® is three things: a proven strategy for revitalization, a powerful network of linked communities, and a national support program that leads the field.

The cumulative success of the Main Street Approach® and Main Street programs on the local level has earned this revitalization strategy a reputation as one of the most powerful economic development tools in the nation. The National Trust Main Street Center annually collects statistical information on economic activity in local Main Street programs throughout the country.  That information is updated here annually.

Eatonton joined the Main Street movement in 1999, beginning as a Better Hometown Community.  In October 2010, the program’s manager became full-time staff and the organization was promoted to Main Street status.  Initially, the organization received funding from both the City and County and the manager served as a City employee.  In 2012, the organization became an independent nonprofit organization, receiving the bulk of it’s budget from City funds.  Eatonton Main Street works with local officials, public and private sponsors, and volunteers to implement projects and programming that enhances Downtown Eatonton’s appeal as a destination and as a home.

Main Street implements a four point program approach which focuses on four key components: Organization, Economic Development, Promotions and Design.  Eatonton Main Street is supported through sponsorship and volunteer hours of local business people and community residents.

You can find a list of other Georgia Main Street Programs here.

Annual Work Plan,Budget And Annual Standards for Accreditation

Community_Transformation_Strategy_Work_Plan2016to2017 Community_Transformation_Strategy_Work_PlanMidYear Community_Transformation_Strategy_Work_Plan annual-standards-for-accreditation-2016 annual-standards-for-accreditation-2016aprilupdate annual-standards-for-accreditation-2016augustupdate MainStreetBudgetFY2016-17 Main Street Budget FY2015-2016    

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2010 Briar Patch Arts Festival


As a unique preservation-based economic development tool, the Main Street Four Point Approach® is the foundation for local initiatives to revitalize their districts by leveraging local assets—from cultural or architectural heritage to local enterprises and community pride. The four points of the Main Street approach work together to build a sustainable and complete community revitalization effort. …

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Eatonton Main Street Board Agenda 2016

Agenda January 14 2016 Agenda February 10 2016 Agenda March 2 2016 Agenda April 13 2016 Agenda May 11 2016 Agenda June 8 2016 Agenda July 13 2016 Agenda August 10 2016 Agenda Strategic Planning Meeting September 7 2016 Agenda September 14 2016 Agenda October 12 2016 Agenda November 16 2016 Agenda December 14 2016

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Eatonton Main Street Board Agenda 2017

Agenda January 11 Agenda February 8 Agenda March 8 Agenda April 12 Agenda May 10 Agenda May 22 Strategic Planning Meeting Agenda June 14 Agenda July 12

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Eatonton Main Street Board Minutes 2016

January 14 Board Minutes February 10 Board Minutes March 2 Board Minutes April 13 Board Minutes May 11 Board Minutes June 8 Board Minutes July 13 Board Minutes August 10 Board Minutes September 7 Strategic Planning Meeting Minutes September 14 Board Minutes October 12 Board Minutes November 16 Board Minutes December 14 Board Minutes

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Eatonton Main Street Board Minutes 2017

January 11 February 8 March 8 April12 May10

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Board of Directors

2016-2017 Board Members Executive Board: Lisa Jackson, Chair                                                                                                                                                    Putnam County Planning & Development John Montgomery, Vice Chair Chequita Adams, Treasurer Cindy Willis, Secretary Members at Large: Dan Lowery, Eatonton Antiques Cooper Rainey, Rossee Oil/The Clothing Depot Colby Hunter, Uncle Remus Library Sara Tomson-Hooper, Community Resident Sara Nolan, Maggie Lane  

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Maggie Lane

Mission and Vision

The purpose of Eatonton Mainstreet is to work along side with local officials, public & private sponsors and volunteers in order to make Eatonton’s downtown the best it can be through Economic Development, Organization, Promotions and Design. Mission To encourage preservation of Eatonton’s historic and cultural character through awareness, business development, events, and by using Main Street’s …

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Click Here for a Copy of Eatonton Main Street’s Bylaws These Bylaws and changes were accepted by unanimous vote of the Eatonton Main Street, Inc Board of Directors on November  11th, 2010.

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Contact Information

Our office is located in City Hall. It is the glass office as you enter City Hall to your right. Physical Address: 201 N. Jefferson Ave, Eatonton GA 31024 Mailing Address: P.O. Box. 4384, Eatonton GA 31024 Phone Number: 706-749-9150 Email: andrew@eatontonmainstreet.com Physical Office Hours: Monday to Thursday 10:00AM – 5:00PM Friday by appointment only …

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