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Downtown Development Authority

The Eatonton Downtown Development Authority ( EDDA) was formed in 2008  ( 5th February) as an arm of the City of Eatonton. It has powers as allowed by state law O.C.G.A 36-42. In addition the authority has adopted bylaws which are contained on this web site.

The EDDA is considered a quasi government agency ( not a non -profit). The EIN issued by the IRS is 27-5548062.

The current Main Street Director can also usually answer questions relating to EDDA business. Their office telephone number is: 706 749 9150.

Community Garden

The EDDA owns 2.2 acres of land at 419 Oak Street, approx. 10 blocks south of downtown. When the city demolished the blighted houses of the Mill Houses at this location and handed the site to the EDDA, it was decided to make it into a Community Garden. The concept evolved into what it is …

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EDDA Agendas & Minutes

Agendas and minutes for the current year will be available here. Previous agendas & minutes are available upon request ( 706 749 9150). Agendas will typically be available 2-3 days prior to the next meeting. Minutes may not be posted until the day after the following meeting as they require approval by the board. Currently all …

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EDDA Boundary Map


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Cunningham Grocery

New Business Information

Are you interested in starting a new business in downtown Eatonton? Or perhaps you have already started in a new business venture and are looking for some advice. Eatonton DDA and Main Street have produced a New Business Guide that  contains valuable information to help you. Please contact the Main Street Office for the printed …

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EDDA Current Members

The Board of Directors for the EDDA is as follows: AUTHORITY MEMBERS   Teresa Doster ( Chair) 706 473 2040 teresad@mindspring.com Steve Sinclair 706 473 5473 Dr_sinclair@hotmail.com Roddie Anne Blackwell ( Treasurer) 706 485 7701 roddieanne@eatonton.com Scott Reaves (Vice Chair) 706 473 0512 Reaves_design@bellsouth.net Lisa Jackson 706 485 2776 478 223 1264 ljackson@putnamga.com Walt Rocker …

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EDDA Director Terms

    EDDA TERM GRID. Expiration of terms as of December 2016   Name Term Expiration Walt Rocker Aug 2018 Scott Reaves May 2018 Adam Smith June 2020 Roddie Anne Blackwell June 2020 Steve Sinclair May 2018 Lisa Jackson May 2018 Teresa Doster Feb 2018     All terms are 4 years; however in the …

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City DDA Resolution

The following resolution was adopted by the council of the City of Eatonton on 5th February 2008. A resolution to create and activate the Eatonton Downtown Development Authority, identify members, define the development area and for other purposes.  Whereas, it has been determined by the Mayor and Council of the City of Eatonton, Georgia that …

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EDDA Bylaws

BYLAWS of the   Eatonton Downtown Development Authority ARTICLE I Name and Purposes Section 1.01.  Name.  The name of the organization is The Eatonton Downtown Development Authority Section 1.02. Purpose.  The Authority is organized under OCGA 36-42 for the redevelopment of the downtown development area as defined by the City of Eatonton, Georgia to include acquisition …

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